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Honesty, integrity, and Quality Workmanship

Goldstein and Luera Construction, L.L.C. is a general construction and engineering company specializing in ground-up construction as well as renovations, add-ons, remodeling and the maintenance of facilities. In addition to construction and engineering, G & L specializes in construction project management and heavy industrial and environmental cleaning of facilities. Projects range upwards to approximately five million dollars in size.  G & L has performed construction and engineering of office buildings, warehousing, custom elite homes, prefab buildings and roadways.

Quality Homes

We will build you the home you want. If you can dream it, we can build it. We maintain control throughout the design and construction process to ensure that your residence is built to the highest quality standards.

Commercial and Industrial Property

We manage all stages of your project - From the pre-design phase of a project through construction and delivery. Alliances are formed with property owners, architects, structural engineers, and specialized trades people. G & L has done tenant improvement work in various industries; such as hospitals, airports, military installations, private residences, shopping malls, commercial kitchens, water production and waste water treatment plants, etc. G & L is bonded on average projects of one to three million dollars and is listed on the Internet under PRONET and CCR registers. The NAICS capabilities are listed on these Internet WEB sites. We are proud holders of a General Contractors license: AZ: ROC181357 Class KB-01, ROC181358 Class A.
CA: BA 782697, BA HIC 782697, BA HIC 782697C61/038.

Goldstein and Luera Construction, L.L.C. guarantees:

    *  High quality
    *  Cost-effective process from beginning to end 
    *  Integrity and skilled journeyman on all phases of construction and project management
    *  Meet clients' budget and schedule


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